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Erp, Haven't updated in a couple months. Been -hella- busy. Started school at camosun, its pretty cool...yah...errr...hrmm.

Bought 8 records, some sweet tracks like Art of Trance's Kilamanjarro, Halo Varga - Future, Revolt - Moonlit room, and some other cheesey records that I got off a friend for hella-cheap :)

oooglay man!<---ahh it's an ugly man!....or something :D


Oops. Haven't updated in like 2months! So I am starting school in a week and a half. OMG!! I am so nervous. I haven't been in school for a year. I hope my brain still works.

I had a pretty crazy weekend, went to the bar on friday...drank way to many cheap drinks, good lord! I shouldn't be allowed to dance after having more than 3 drinks. The "DJ" at the bar (playing all your favorite top40) played a few songs for me, ZOMBIE NATION baby and DARUDE!  Saturday night went to party out in the boonies, it was alot of fun. So much good music! Everyone was so awesome there.

Gah, I hate men. Have you ever wondered why the -HELL- you like someone?? This guy I have been crushin' on for -so- long, is a complete ass to me. Then why the fuck do I still like him? why can't i just get over him, and forget about him. Ahwell, I am working on it, I guess only time can really help, but thats what I was saying a year ago :-/ Fek. Fek. FEKKKKKK! ermm :)




Yah so I am a slacker and haven't updated in 1month :-) I've been s00per busy.Working like a mad man. I finally have a few days off this weekend and next week. On sunday(CANADA DAY) I am going to 'all night dance party' called "MMM:FRESH" <-- ~funny name, it was funny when my friend and I went in the store to buy tickets for it, we couldn't say it w/o laughing~. -Everyone- should go to MMM:FRESH. Finally a party with a wicked line up, and some good t00ns.

So what i have been up to in the past month?? Well I went to Victoria one week, and went clubbin' one night. T'was tons of fun, I drank soooo much beer! I've never drank beer before in my life! egads! I haven't really been up to much else, for I WORK so god damn much :) Haven't really been to a party in ages, so I am so -stoked- for MMM:FRESH,err.. something.

I am also getting really nervous about moving in 1month! I can't belive it! I am leaving lil' Duncan to go to the big city! I am sure I will have a blast! I finally found a room mate too, so its all good.


wtf? Ooo OOo oo OOO Oahhhh! *<---where the hell did I find this picture? lol



heh, So I went to this 'rave' on the weekend called Spotlight, it was so bizarre cuz my MANAGER from work was there. I never woulda thought I would be partyin' with my manager. Madness.

Bah, I have a cold. It sux0r. I went to the Doc's and he gave me some meds. But it dosen't seem to be getting better very quick here. I need to be better by the weekend! YES.


Song of The Day : Plump DJ's - Electric Disco

May 08 2001

-note- I now have a *real* message board! Post on it you crazy mofo's! -

Gah! Sorry I'm so lazy with the posts. :-)

Got a really sweet new CD, Sasha - GU:13 in IBIZA. It's wicked, probably my favorite CD of the momment. Disc 02 is rawkin'.  I think my favorite Dj's right now, are definately Sasha and Digweed. Every CD I have purchased of their's is amazing, I wish I could hear more music like this at raves/parties around here. Every party seems to house/discohouse/funkyhouse/speedgarage/etc  or Junge/DnB.  Where's the diversity? The last party I went to where I loved every -moment- of the music was at Tropical and it's been the only party this year, WHY CAN'T SOMEONE THROW ANOTHER PARTY LIKE THIS ONE! please :) I went to Hypnotic a couple weeks back that was suppossed to be an all 'trance" was mosly hardhouse and some really shitty trance. I want a good progressive house/trance party! With some -good- Dj's. Gah, I'll stop complaining.

I need to give my page a make-over....hMmm..

Song Of The Day : SASHA - XPANDER

April 25 2001

Mmm, got paid today :-), I love getting paid everyweek! One week from MickyD's and the next week from my other job! This weekend is gonna rock so much -bootay-! Friday - Gonna go see Calvin Tang at the bar, then i am gonna walk over to a rave(Hypnotic), then saturday hope to do some shoppin' in Vics, then gonna go to another party. SWEET JESUS. ......INSANITY I tell you. errr... Massive?

Ooo, So survivor is on tomorrow....who's gonna go next? MWAHHAAHA, I hope colby goes next, he's way to threatening...I want Elizabeth to win! errr...or Tina :)

Song of The Day - Whatcha Want : Beastie Boys

April 04 2001

Bah, I am so tired *yawns*. Been up since 5:00am and I think it would be almost silly to nap now, it would just f*ck everything up (it's almost 6pm).  Got a letter back from UVIC the other day, saying I need to write a LPI test to get into the social science department. So I guess I'll be doin' that soon. UVIC seems like a pretty cool place to go to school, and if i went there I probably would live in a dorm which could be massive fun.

Gah, tonight Max Graham is playing in Victoria and I can't even go seem him. Damn me, Damn me for being under-age....and I'll only be 19 in a few short months :-( You don't understand how much this pains me to have Max in town and not being able to go. :-( *listens to Max Graham and sighs hopelessly*

My new favorite site! , I love the forums! :) I love discussing music!!!!


Song of The Day : CowGirl - Underworld (bedrock remix) [CLASSIC BABY!]


April 01 2001

Err...Happy April Fools Day eh? Check out for their funny april fools day joke, haha so many guliable lil' ravers are phreakin'. Nice job :-) 

Well, Life is still pretty busy, been working massive hours, been getting massive cheques. I like money.  I also got accepted to Camosun, so that means I'll be moving August/September to Victora! *EXCITING*!!!!!

In other exciting news Djlame learned how to beatmatch last week! Thanks to Dj Volo for the excellent job of teachnig the partly-drunk Djlame.

Song of The Day - TIMO MAAS : Der Schieber

March 19 2001

Blah! I was so sick all weekend. : (  I didn't do anything exciting at all, other than sleep and pop back tylenols. Looking forward to House Arrest this weekend. Seeing/Hearing Calvin Tang shall be excellent for sure :)


Song of The Day - Alex D'Elia vs Ebob Allstars / Isn't Life Wonderful?

March 15 2001

Guh. I am such a slacker..haven't updated in ages! :) Well actually I've been pretty damn busy with work all week, then partying it up on the weekends.  Went to a some sweet parties in the past couple of weeks.  One party called Tropcial blew me away. I have never danced so much in my whole entire life. The music was amazing. Scott Stubbs, good lord! Check out some of this dude's shi-at on napster or whateva. Also got paid my first McCheque(:P) spent $200 of it in one day! Bought a jacket, pants and lotsa CD's (Timo Maas:Music for the Maases, Global Underground:Departures, Danny Tenglia:GU17,Tiesto:Magik4, Ferry Corsten)mmmmmmtrance.

blah, I don't have much else to say...err....

Song of The Day:   Minimal Funk IV - Definition of House

March 01 2001

OHMYGOODNESSSSSSSS!!! So I totally met DjTiesto yesterday! It was so awesome. He played at a  store in Vic called a&b sound.  He played for about 1/2, a beautiful set it was too.  He played some of his new material, one was called Urban Train. Massively good! My friend Chelsie and I were up at the front and we would hoot and holler during his set, and he would look up and smile at us *teehee*, after he played, we lined up to get stuff autographed. He signed my Summerbreeze Cd, my Silence record and a poster. While I was getting stuff signed I told him about how much I love the song Walhalla, his reply to it was "It's a fun song eh?" heheheheheheheh. I LOVE YOU DJ TIESTO! ...haha or something... he's also's some pics I found over  the net:

Tiesto1(hmm, where's my Walhalla record in here? :D ) Tiesto2(hawt!)  Tiesto3(I like this one, look at that smile!) Tiesto4 (SIGN MY CHEST TIESO!) .... A friend of mine took some pics at the tiesto performance that we were at, hopefully he'll let me borrow some and put some up here :D

I also got two new CD's: Danny Tengli-GU:10(Athens) and John Digweed-GU:19(LA). I really like the Danny Tenglia CD alot...massively wicked funky dark trance. This is the shit that gets me going (or something?)

I archived all the February posts and put them in the archives section.

Song of The Day: BPT - MOODY